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5 Benefits of Transforming from 2D to 3D Product Visualization 

3D Product Visualization


This blog attempts to guide you to make the correct choice when it comes to displaying your product. It also helps your business to grow. If you are in the e-commerce industry, you are going to be benefitted from spending your next few minutes. Let’s discuss about benefit of transforming from 2d to 3d product visualization and dive into it. 

3D Model Image 

According to a research, our brain can process a picture 60,000 times more rapidly than text. That is why businesses prefer using images to showcase their products. And this things help to let the customers find what they are looking for. Despite the fact that traditional photographs are still utilized by businesses. Many of them have already switched to 3D modeling. As a result, in 2021, the worldwide e-commerce market grew by 30%. Although traditional photography still exists in the market, CGI seems to shape the future of the e-commerce industry. Here is why:  

  • Realistic Experience  

A generic picture of a product only shows its appearance. It does not take you further into the actual comfort it means to serve. 3D models let you see the product in its genuine physical appearance. 3D images make an impression that lasts in viewers’ brains and helps them relate to the product more deeply. Customers’ value being able to zoom in, see the products from all sides, and see the finer features. 

 Before and after 3D picture

  • Save Your Time & Money 

The traditional way of promoting your products through traditional photography can be time-consuming. The whole process from hiring a photographer to editing the result might take a few weeks. Whereas, the 3D product visualization saves both time and money in comparison to the traditional one. Customers experience the real-life visuals of the products from whatever angle they want. In this case, you do not need even need to worry about editing the outcome let alone other various costs.  

  • Increase Your Brand Value 

Businesses used to solely use photographs for marketing purposes, but there was always a demand for more powerful, captivating, and interactive imagery. Traditional photography only shows the product visually while 3D models fill the gap by giving customers a genuine sense of the product’s feel and appearance. Customers have a terrific impression of the company thanks to the stunning 3D images, animations, lifestyle photos, and 360 spins. Additionally,  it increases their promotional activities since marketers can start their campaign prior to releasing their main product onto the market.  

  • Grow Your Store through Augmented Reality 

“How will I look in this dress?” or “Will this sofa suit my corner?” these are the common questions that arise while shopping. AR allows you to answer all those questions for your customers. Through 3D visualization of your products, your customers can experience a fun and comfortable shopping experience as they can truly see their desired products wherever they want.  

It will help your customers to make a purchase decision while conversion rates will also go up.  

  • Fair Collaboration with Manufacturer 

3D modeling helps to illustrate a digital prototype for a better understanding of its appearance and functionality before moving forward with actual manufacturing, 3D modeling to illustrate a digital prototype for a better understanding of its appearance and functionality. Even if the product needs modification, it can be done by changing a few little features as opposed to the traditional process that requires hand sketching which takes time and money. Further, it facilitates communication between manufacturers and e-commerce businesses as the product is displayed through CGI. 

Screenshot of a window showing modification of a product in auto desk maya

Hope you get benefit of transforming from 2d to 3d product visualization. If you want to implement 3D modeling services for your products, contact us at Orbe and get some eye-catching visuals at a reasonable price! 


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